Created by Barbara Davis, The Tickle Bugz are a group of fun feel-good characters devoted to inspiring children through books,plush toys, music, video, games accessories!

Our toys range from small dolls to large dolls and more! Each Tickle Bug has their own personality, just like you and your friends! It’s really exciting to match yourself up with one of them so you can use your imagination and have hours of fun!

Along with the plush adorable Tickle Bugz toys are the amazing Tickle Bugz books, A special feature of these books is an erasable coloring section that allows children to interact with The Tickle Bugz! Also, each of our stories focuses on promoting positive values and lifestyles for children, including good health, nutrition, exercise, friendship, education and social behavior which is one of the reasons why we have aligned them with a youth or animal charity and donate a portion of sales to these chosen organization! This way, while you are having fun, you are also helping people and animals!
Cool, right?

Now go ahead, check out the rest of our website and enjoy the incredible Tickle Bugz in their Land of Happy!


Tickle Bugz Inc. CEO Barbara Davis is fulfilling her dream of educating,inspiring, and entertaining young children with the up in coming launch later this year; of her innovative product line of books, plush toy animals (the Tickle Bugz), doll houses, skippers, and original music.

Following a very successful career as a fashion model in Manhattan, Davis utilized her innate creative talent as an assistant designer in Manhattan’s garment district. Her love of children and her desire to uplift young people inspired her to create the Tickle Bugz. She is an accomplished author and illustrator who supports numerous youth and animal charities including Bidawee and Gift of Life International, by donating a portion of sales of her books.

Davis is a native New Yorker, born in New York City, and now living on Long Island.


Reddy is the Leader of the Tickle Bugz! He’s intelligent, bold, fearless, and is always “Reddy” for the next adventure! Inspires everybody with his non-stop energy and keeps all of the other Bugz in a happy mood! Sometimes Reddy goes a little overboard, but he ALWAYS knows how to get out of any situation! All of you kids need to have “Reddy” at your side!

Slugger is a 24 Hour a day jock who’s obsessed with playing baseball and dreams of becoming a Major Leaguer! He has his glove and bat with him everywhere and drives his friends crazy because all he ever wants to do is play baseball.

Just like you and me, HOOPZ loves cookies and playing ball! He even created his own game called Cookie Ball! His friends have to stop him from eating all of the cookies until the game ends and his fantasy is that Cookie Ball will become a profession and make him rich!

Cupcake is a friendly, flirtatious, female Tickle Bug who is the ultimate DIVA! She competes with QUEENIE for attention and always flirts with the boys, who love her, which makes the other girls jealous!

Chuckles is the jokester of all of the Tickle Bugz who is ALWAYS the life of the party!

Queenie loves to dress like a Queen and wear a crown! In her mind, she is royalty. To others, she is considered A SNOB because she only associates with Tickle Bugz that she thinks are in her High Society!

Scooter is a Champion skateboarder who always has his skateboard with him! Scooter is the ultimate REBEL! He always disregards authority and the rules!!

Shadz is clearly the coolest of all the Tickle Bugz! He’s always wearing sunglasses and is never in a hurry. All the other Tickle Bugz admire him for his coolness!

Genius is the smartest Tickle Bug of all and leader of the Tickle Bugz Nerds! When any of the other Tickle Bugs has a question, he has the answer! Genius hates sports and is very uncomfortable around the girls.

Horace is Genius’ best friend and a fellow nerd. Horace is not as smart as Genius, but helps him out a lot. It’s extremely hard to keep them apart!

Just like Scooter, Sno’ is a Champion snowboarder and thinks snowboarding is the ultimate sport! He hates it when it’s sunny outside!

Lolly is always eating lollipops! The boys want to be friends with her and give her lollipops to try and make that happen. She eats them for breakfast, lunch and dinner and bribes the other girls by offering them lollipops too!

Izzy is the most “opinionated” Tickle Bug of all. He always has an extreme point of view about everything and always thinks he’s right…consistently disagreeing with GENIUS!

Pinky loves to socialize and have a good time all day and all night! She hates responsibility and never listens! She is always trying to talk someone out of their responsibilities so they can just hang out with her!

Marly listens to music all day long, either with his headphones on, or using a boom box! He wants to be a famous rock star and is always happy. This Tickle Bug uplifts everybody’s spirits!

Greenberg is the expert on the “green” movement and provides valuable tips on keeping the environment safe! He takes pride in preserving nature and is someone we should all look up to!

Crimson Scorez is captain of the football team, an All-American college football player, and an excellent student which makes him a true ROLE MODEL and the most popular Tickle Bug on campus!

Sassy is very athletic and is the most beautiful girl on campus! All the boys want her, but she only has eyes for Crimson Scorez. She always keeps the crowd excited before and during football games and lifts Crimson’s spirits no matter what!

Puntz is Crimson Scorez’ best friend. The two of them are together all of the time and Puntz is extremely protective of Crimson. He’s also a very shy guy and stays out of the spotlight!

Skip Airz is the Captain and Head Pilot of the Tickle Bugz Space Bubble who’s very serious and dedicated to his job! Skip takes a no nonsense approach to his responsibilities as he’s a former military hero and a total workaholic!

Roger Wilco is Assistant pilot of the Tickle Bugz Space Bubble and unlike Skip, is a very comical and personable Tickle Bug. He’s always laughing and telling jokes and has fun at his job no matter what!

Sparklez is the flight attendant on the Space Bubble. She’s very pretty and flirts with the passengers, especially Skip Ariz who ignores her. She has a great personality and keeps the passengers entertained and happy. Roger Wilco wants to date her but she won’t let that happen! Sparkles hopes to become a famous actress one day!

Nuddles is the sister of Pancake and she’s always in charge. She leads the way for her younger sister and keeps Pancake out of trouble. Nuddles enjoys being a great role model!

The total opposite of Nuddles, Pancake is very submissive and trusting. This can get her into trouble!! Some of the Tickle Bugz try to take advantage of her but since Pancake and Nuddles are inseparable, that doesn’t happen!

Teeni Dog is the “nosy” Tickle Pet, who’s always getting into everybody’s business. Teeni Dog listens in to everyone’s conversations and follows the others even when he isn’t invited!

Slugger is a 24 Hour a day jock who’s obsessed with playing baseball and dreams of becoming a Major Leaguer! He has his glove and bat with him everywhere and drives his friends crazy because all he ever wants to do is play baseball.